MCY 80 Exclusive World Premiere

Monfalcone, Gulf of Trieste
23 July 2016

Monte Carlo Yachts returned to Trieste, in the heart of the company’s home region, to present the latest addition to its collection, the MCY 80. During the event, Carla Demaria, President of Monte Carlo Yachts, discussed Monte Carlo Yachts unique approach and the development of the company’s shipyard and strategy, which have made the MCY 80 possible today. Fabrizio Iarrera, Managing Director, further developed on the themes by discussing the company’s past, present and future industrial and development plans.

“Don’t call ours a dream, call it a vision,”  says Carla Demaria, President of Monte Carlo Yachts. “Behind every success story there is always a powerful dream, but we prefer to call it vision. A vision is the art of seeing what it is invisible to others, but to deliver results, the vision needs to be converted into a strategy, and the strategy deployed into a plan of action. 80 is our new goal, that is the MCY 80s campaign claim, and it is a fitting motto for the way Monte Carlo Yachts operates.”

 “It is as simple as this: a dream has been the most powerful driver in our new adventure but our solidity and concrete approach has brought us where we are today,” added Fabrizio Iarrera, Managin Director of Monte Carlo Yachts.

“When it comes to being concrete we can say that the key figures for 2016 support our claims".

At 24 meters, the new MCY 80 takes its place on the podium as the third largest yacht in the collection and delivers pure cruising pleasure alongside an unparalleled ride and comfort experience for everyone on-board. With smooth exterior lines and shaped bulwarks which enhance the level of light and space across the main deck, the MCY 80 boasts a curvy, modern look without being too sharp or minimalistic. Signature elements include a class-leading entertainment foredeck and Portuguese bridge that no other yacht in this size category can match.

While discussing the evolution of yacht design, Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard, designers of the MCY range commented on the design concept and inspiration for the MCY 80: “To reach its fullest expression, design cannot be caged and stifled, but at the same time it needs to express a brand's global strategy and essence so that it isn't just an end in itself but a lasting value. The MCY 80 is a great yacht, agile, sleek and elegant, but it is also solid and safe like a boat should be and it fully represents the values and goals set by Monte Carlo Yachts”.

The MCY 80 was presented to a hand-picked selection of guests including top clients and the international press at a private event in Trieste that also featured a special art exhibition on the world history of naval production processes and their developments, honoring past innovations that made Monte Carlo Yacht’s successes, such as the launch of the new MCY 80, possible.

Guests were also treated to a special performance by Cristiano Cremonini, tenor, and Simona Ferrari, soprano, that delighted guests throughout the evening.

Following this preview, Monte Carlo Yachts will present the new MCY 80 to the public at the Cannes Yachting Festival (6-11 September, 2016).